Screw this, this post is about lunch and pictures. The pictures explain well enough on how this went. TL;DR: Lunch is good for the price with some imperfection, it is a pretty good bargain at this price for quality sushi.

The decor. Fish presentation is in your face, not in a special box(ooooo so damn special wooden box) like some other omakase place. Whatever it works. 
Chawanmushi, no seafood in that. There is a piece of chicken. You can't fuck this up at this pricing, therefore it is pretty good, a touch softer is my preference. 
It is miso soup. Deal with it, tastes fine, nothing out of the ordinary. 
The main, it is just put down as it with no explanation or what is the proper progression for my choice of dead fishes on rice. Where should I start? Why the fuck are the tuna separately like that? Should I start from the first row, left to right or what? 

Anyway, with the sushi, I started from the uni first as usual, that's my OWN damn preference. Progress to the squid and to the white fishes. I had picked alfonsino, flounder, red snapper, and kanpachi. Next onto the amaebi, then to the set of mackerels. To wrap it up, otoro, chotoro and to akami to wrap things up. All are good and prepped properly. Now, it is time to nitpick. The squid, I would expect the cross to be on top of sushi and not on side of that piece, yes it takes more time, but the texture will be better. Wasabi, I expected the real stuff and each piece have them in there already instead of nothing, maybe they should give the diner an option for it. I don't really care for the green onions on the mackerels. Amaebi has some leftover shrimp eggs on it, should be cleaned off. The uni can look better. It tasted fine to me, but it is not some magical Santa Barbara uni, so whatever. The one last thing is... can I get a brush for soy or just put the proper soy on them for me to start with.

In conclusion, I will repeat at this place and try out their omakase in the near future. It is good and a good deal at this price.