Today, I was given someone's homemade brownie that is not magical nor having special herbal properties. Instead, it has nuts, macadamia nuts and it is packaged nicely for my consumption.

Yup, that's a brownie in a bag. It tasted pretty okay. I find the brownie a bit more crumble-y than I like. It is clearly chocolate, but not with a deep dark chocolate flavor. The texture is a bit waxier in the middle and maybe it is slightly undercooked in the middle. The top and bottom are what I am expecting of a brownie texture.

Let's talk about the nut. The macadamia nut is whole, I much prefer it to be smaller or chopped a little so it can be mixed slightly better. Another thing I am not sure if the nut is more toasted beforehand will give the overall brownie a better texture and complexity. In conclusion, I will eat it again.