Another workday, another lunch and I want Italian. At first, I thought of just going to Al Dente and then I decided to make the trek to Pici Wan Chai as it is a place I haven't been to before.  I got there at around 1330 and the place is surprisingly fairly packed. The host quickly sat me down at the bar seating area and I ordered the beef tartare as the starter and cannelloni as the main. The bread came quickly with a nice serving of olive oil and balsamic. As you will see, all the servings are huge, each item can be smaller hence making this lunch at ~160HKD a good bargain.

Bread, really can't go wrong. If you fail in bread, might as well shut down the shop and go home. 
The beef tartare is fairly good, it has a nice balance of acid and saltiness from the cheese. It is also a very healthy portion size. Will repeat this dish
The HUGE cannelloni. I dislike this dish. Everything is mushy and just doesn't eat well. I just feel greasy and not really cheesy while eating this. Will not repeat. 

After chowing down on the greasy baked cannelloni, it is time for dessert. I ordered the pannacotta and it came in a cup that they use to serve water in. Honestly, they can use a smaller and nicer container and reduce the serving size as I was pretty full after the cannelloni.

Pannacotta with a cherry sauce topping. Tastes fine, nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe a bit more milk flavor and softer. 

I may go back to this place for lunch in the future, but this initial experience is not exactly memorable. The Chinese cha chaan teng next to it looks awesome too and it was really packed, should try that out next time. If I am going back to Pici, I will not order the cannelloni and it is not that hard to keep a website up-to-date with your WEEKLY updated menu.