Today I decided to grab lunch early in Wan Chai and there is a spot I haven't been to.  Today is also fairly chilly so I ended up at Torihana Tei Ramen who specializes in chicken broth ramen for a steaming hot bowl of noodles.

The Menu

From the menu, I picked the "Exciting Ramen" with extra chicken cha-shu and my favor bamboo shoots. The food came quickly as expected from a ramen joint but the presentation is lacking in comparison to the menu photo. The difference is not huge but seems like it can be improved given when I was in the shop, there were half full and should have the time to make an effort.

FYI: I added in the bean sprouts

First off, the visual is not as great as I already mentioned before, the taste is another story. The broth is thick like a Hakata style ramen and the chicken flavor is very apparent in the broth. With the first spoon full of the hot broth it comfortable coat my mouth on this chilly day, it is bliss. I got the straight noodles and the noodles are just noodles, nothing out of the ordinary, at least it is cooked right. The chicken cha-shu is another star of the bowl, it is just sad they don't showcase them by default in the bowl. The chicken is soft and flavorful with a bit of sweetness to it which I suspect is from a light marinate after it is cooked. The egg is a standard soft boiled egg, I suppose they can marinate it in a soy/dashi solution to give it some color and flavor. Nonetheless, when the egg is eaten with the broth it is perfect. There is also the fried lotus root which adds a different texture to the entire bowl, good addition in my book.

In summary, I would go back again in the near and I believe the aggregated rating of 4 stars is about right on Openrice. There are more ramen joints in Wan Chai and I will go to them as I put them in my lunch rotation.