First off, having a beer at lunch is the perfect way to start off your afternoon workday. This time I rate this as a better alternative to WTF Pici in one of my previous posts. Start it off with a nice weissbier, fairly standard nothing to add. Took the set lunch option with my friend and split the food.

The cheese and cured meat plate. Fairly standard, I would like the blue cheese to have a more punchy flavor. The flatbread with it is tasty.
Fusilli, the pasta is al dente, tastes good with the tomatoes and sasuage combination. 
Margarita pizza. Damn this is good. Nice and thin which is my perfect combo for a margarita pizza. Remind of my Del Fina in the Bay Area.

In the end for whatever reason, our coffees took 20 minutes to arrive. That’s the wtf of the day and looks to be some problems with the staff communicating about the coffees. Overall, a place I will repeat.

Ciao Chow: