Date night out to Tosca @ The Ritz-Carlton on the 102nd floor of the ICC building in Kowloon. Tosca had been on the to-eat list for a bit to see what kind of Italian food they can bring to the table. Once we got our seat, the breathtaking view of Victoria Harbor. Onward to the food presented that night. We choose to take the 4 courses tasting menu that allow us to cover a total of 7 different dishes.

The Breads

Starting off with the bread, the focaccia is the best of the brunch, it is chessey and herby with a slightly cripsy outsde. The sourdough has nice air pockets, but lack the punch of a proper sourdough. Onward to the progresion of the meal.

Appertizer - Heirlooom beetroot variation, Ricotta cheese “gnudi”, pomegranate. This dish is fairly good with a good balance of sweet and tart. The ricotta added a good creaminess to the the entire dish. 
Gnocchi - Potato gnocchi, veal “ossobuco”, saffron sauce. This is the disappointment of the night to me. Don't get me wrong, this is good, but the taste of the ossobuco tastes like chef boyardee sauce, but more intense. I wish the gnocchi has more potato flavor or there needs to be more cheese. Eaten in the combination in a single bite, the ossobuco over powers the other components. 
Cappuccino di mare - Seafood “cappuccino” Lots of technique used in this umami soup. The "cappuccino" is very shellfish flavored and goes well with the "sea water" foam on the top. It really does bring the taste of the ocean to this cup. The bottom is lined with squid ink for an extra kick on the umami. I wish there are more to it. 
Merluzzo - Cod, fennel, “aglione”. Haven't had cod cooked so well for a long time, it is perfectly soft to a point I suspect it is oil poached but without the oilness of it. The fennel and garlic pruee is a perfect combo for it. This is really good. 
Manzo - Wagyu beef sirloin, smoked eggplant, caper leaf. Really nicely cooked, It is wagyu, you can't screw up cooking meat at this level. So if you had quality wagyu before, you know how it tastes. The smoked eggplant I did not like as it leaves this bitterness in my mouth, but it did help balance out some of the fattiness from the beef. 
Castagnaccio - Chestnut, Mascarpone semifreddo, honey. This is amazing, every component has chestnuts in it and finally shaved roast chestnuts on top. The combination of the chestnut jam, with the mille-feuille and the ice cream, is such a good combination of texture and flavor.
Tiramisu - This is really good and it has lemoncello incorporated into it, make it not like any other tiramisu.
Ending the night with petite fours

Overrall, I rate the meal as pretty good, but something I may not want to repeat unless it is for the view which is awesome on a clear night. The highlights for me are the cod and both desserts. The service team at Tosca is attentive and paid attention to all the details and gave clear introducing of the dishes to round out the entire dining experience.

Tosca -