The weather is pretty gloomy today, to brighten it up, I decided to go down to Wai Kee at Bowrington Road Cooked Food Centre to get their mutton curry over rice.

The mutton curry is flavourful and tender. The curry is complex and not too spicy.  All that for 49HKD, what more can you ask for in this day and age. It is Hong Kong style fast food also and I am able to get in and out in about 15 minutes.

After lunch, took a walk to Meet Fresh that recently opened up in Hong Kong and grabs a dessert take-away. I mainly stick with their Taro Ball No.3 that consists of red beans, tapioca, peanuts and taro ball. I feel like this branch is not as good as the branch from Cupertino just the taro balls doesn't taste as good and not as tender. Otherwise, it is a good way to wrap up today's lunch.

Wai Kei:

Meet Fresh: